Free Arbitrage Betting Software – Top 5 Analyzed by an Active User!

oddsboom US bookmaker scanner arbitrage betting

At the moment arbitrage betting and matched betting are the most secure betting strategies. The easiest way to practice these techniques is by finding free sure bets with the free version of an arbitrage betting software.

This article presents the top scanners you can try without paying anything.

Many of my readers are looking for the best paying arbitrage betting software without any kind of limitations. With these, you can make 10x more.

oddsboom US bookmaker scanner arbitrage betting

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List of best free arbitrage betting software & sure bets finder

My top choice for the best free arbitrage betting service is Click on the link and start earning with their free version too! (Try their premium arb finder too – you will 10x-15x your profits)

Summary of premium arbitrage betting software

breaking bet review

Breaking Bet

Cheap arbitrage betting software

  • Bookies: 49
  • Sports: 12
  • Pre-match: Yes
  • Live: Yes
  • Price/month: €11.99
arbmate review


2nd fastest arbitrage betting software

  • Bookies: 60+
  • Sports: football
  • Pre-match: Yes
  • Live: Yes
  • Price: €19+3-8€/bookie
betburger arbitrage betting software logo


Premium arbitrage betting software

  • Bookies: 80+ 230 clone
  • Sports: 36+
  • Pre-match: Yes
  • Live: Yes
  • Price: €129/€229

If you are looking for more details about 5 premium services without any kind of limitations (you can place way more bets -> higher arbs -> more profits), you should check my following article by clicking on the button below.

5 best arbitrage betting software

It is important to mention that during the past years I have used all of these arb finder services with their free version and the paying subscription plan too.

I think if you want to take advantage of the free version of these software, you will need to use the combination of them to get the most out of these free arb sources.

If you need a faster scanner or a bigger return on sure bets, you will need to pay for their premium version.

betwasp automated software

Free arbitrage betting software Reviews

1. review – Arbitrage betting software – Pre-match

This treasure was the first arbitrage service I used. I’m still using their sure bet calculator because of the easy way of opening it and introducing every data needed.

In my experience, their paid version is showing accurate arbs and on the other hand, their monthly subscription is very accessible. Right now you can opt-in for even 25.90 euros for a month. 

Visit now!

  • Their free service can be used in the browser and it is showing arbitrage opportunities up to a profit of 1%.
  • It is important to mention that they are offering a Value bet service for free, without limitations (It’s not known for how long it will be available for free, but I would not wait too much for opening a free account). 
  • The delay on these arbs in the free version is less than 60 seconds and in my experience, the displayed arbs are very accurate.
free arbitrage scanner service software
  • Surebet is scanning 86 bookmakers and many of their clone bookies (same odds different bookie), so in total they are covering 172 bookmakers!
  • They are scanning 60 different type of sports, which is more than enough for every smart bettor: even football 5×5, esports like League of Legends, Warcraft, Dota
  • From my point of view, these stats are hard to beat. is accessible, accurate, and fast enough to put your trust in them!

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2. BetBurger review – Arbitrage betting software for professionals

I’ve used BetBurger for years, so I have a lot of experience with them.

  • For the pre-match, their free scanner has a delay of 60 seconds, which I think is not crucial but still not instant.
  • I have to mention that they have a live betting arbitrage scanner too for free too, with a 15 min delay, which is a joke, to be honest.
  • No arbitrage opportunity will stay up 15 minutes in live betting.
  • Their free pre-match service is showing arbs up to 1% profit, which is better than at RebelBetting.
  • The biggest advantage of BetBurger is that they are scanning 88 bookmakers.
  • But in the options, you can select 205 clones for these bookmakers.

For a lot of us, this option is a big help, because not everyone knows that a certain bookmaker is using the same odds provider as some more known bookmaker.

The number of sports scanned by BetBurger is insane. Even in the free version, you can have access to 41 sports.

  • If you are a fan of esports or some smaller sports, this could be your best solution for a free scanner service.
  • If you are using certain bookmakers, you can have the option to click on the odds at BetBurger and you will be redirected to that bookmaker.

The match with the arbitrage opportunity will be opened too. At some bookmakers, even the bet slip will be opened. The free version is including an arb calculator too, which can be used for every new sure bet opportunity within a click.

free arbitrage betting service

In the free arbitrage scanner version of BetBurger if you are clicking on odds, on the right side of the screen it will open every arb for that event. And you will see a calculator too for that particular market with arb.

It is not between the cheapest ones, but I think it is worth all of the money invested.

If you are not sure about how suitable it is for your betting habits, you can apply for a one-day subscription or a one-week subscription. Both of them are a good way to get some experience in using their service, for a fair price.

One of their big advantages is that you can freeze your account for longer periods. If you are not able to continue arbitrage betting for some days or even weeks, your subscription is not lost.

You can freeze it for that period and when you are ready you just have to click on the button of unfreeze and start betting again.

You can find a detailed review of Betburger here.

Secret about BetBurger

Register your free account through the button below, then join our Discord server.

You can find the link to it at the bottom of the page by clicking on the Discord Icon.

Mention that you came for the free BetBurger tip, and will get your answer!  

Try Betburger now for FREE!

3. RebelBetting review – best free arbitrage bet finder trial!

In my experience, RebelBetting is the best alternative if you are searching a free arbitrage software.

One of its biggest advantages is that the odds are displayed without any delay.

This is giving you a big advantage over the other free arb software.

  • Arbs displayed instantly means that paying subscribers don’t have any advantage over you in the matter of timing.

If you are using a scanner with delay, the other bettors will place the bets faster and the odds are more likely to drop when you just start calculating the stakes.

  • RebelBetting is offering a free trial of 14 days for their surebet service. At the moment this is the only arbitrage betting service that is offering free trial.
  • You have the chance to test the potential of their services for free. I think your main goal should not be making significant money from these arbs but to figure out if this service is good for you in the long run or not.

For matched betting, I think the free version of RebelBetting is one of the best solutions. It is covering 60+ bookmakers which should be more than enough.

  • From these mentioned ones, RebelBetting is the only arbitrage betting software that can be downloaded (and for free). Most of us are used to web app style scanners, but this service is offering a downloadable application.

The user interface for RebelBetting

free arbitrage betting software

If you are thinking about opting in for a paying version, the cheapest option is the Sure betting Starter plan for 89 euros. For a monthly subscription to their Pro version, you have to pay 179 euros.

  • The free arb scanner has the same user interface. It includes an arb calculator too as you can see in the picture above. If you get a little bit of experience in betting I would advise to start using their value betting software too.

In my experience, if you are putting in the effort to learn and be consistent in betting, it will guarantee you a good profit.

And it is worth to mention, that if you can prove that you are not in profit after a month, you will get a free month in addition.

Try Rebelbetting Now for Free!

4. BetOnValue review

  • Their free service is showing sure bets up to 1% profit on them.
  • Sadly the delay here is 20 minutes which is making this service almost completely useless on the free version.
  • In the free arb scanner, they are displaying arbs from 23 bookmakers. This number in the paying version is way higher.
free arbitrage scanner service

I think the free version of BetOnValue is just a good marketing strategy to show the real possibilities in the paying version. They are covering 32 sports, which is more than enough for most of the arbitrage bettors.

5. OddStorm – arbitrage betting finder

OddStorm is the fastest arbitrage finder service at the moment. In the following article, you can read my OddStorm review.

What are these arbitrage bets on sports?

Bookmakers are trying to offer the most accurate odds for every outcome in sports. But a lot of the time they are missing some crucial information about teams, players, or an event when the match is live.

These mistakes will lead them to offer odds on some outcomes that are not accurate. Meanwhile they are giving these wrong odds, the other bookies are not missing to act fast and they change the odds.

In this situation, if you as a smart bettor are taking this overpriced outcome, you will have the chance to cover the other outcome at another bookmaker on a right odd.

If you are calculating the stakes well, no matter which outcome wins, you will end up in a profit. This kind of betting technique is called arbitrage betting.

You can find a short introduction to arbitrage betting here.

What are these free arbitrage bet finders or software?

These sites are offering services to scan a lot of bookmakers. They also scan almost every sport and a lot of markets.

Then they are comparing the odds between bookmakers and check if any arbitrage bets have been found.

The biggest advantage of these arbitrage scanners is that they can compare a lot of bookmakers in less than a second.

The volume and the speed of a sure bet scanner are not comparable to manual arb searching.

These arbitrage bet finders are the best tools of a smart bettor against the bookmakers. You can select the bookmakers you want to use, and they will display almost every arbitrage opportunity.

These scanners are basic tools not only for arbitrage bettors but also for matched betting and value betting too.

The easiest way of completing bookmaker bonus rollover requirements is using arbitrage betting software.

Value betting on the other hand is a little bit more advanced usage of these scanner services.

Arbitrage betting software: free vs premium subscription

1. Maximum profit % on arbs

The free version of the arbitrage scanners is displaying only arbs with a profit of a maximum of 1%. Some scanners have pushed this limit even lower.

Arbitrage opportunities above these profit limits are not displayed.

5 best betting software

I think that if your main activity is matched betting, the free version of arbitrage scanners is more than enough for you.

Your main goal is to get arbitrage opportunities with a 0% profit margin or even a little bit lower.

Premium or paying versions of these scanner services don’t have any limitation in maximum profit margin.

2. Delaying to display arbitrage bets

With a free version of an arbitrage scanner, you will experience significant delays. The only exception is Rebelbetting, which is displaying every opportunity as fast as in the paying version.

Most free arbitrage betting services have at least a 60 seconds delay on bets.

Some scanners have a 15 or even 20 minutes delay on displaying arbs. In pre-match betting or matched betting, a 60 seconds delay is not crucial, most bookmakers are not acting fast enough.

  • So, these free scanners can be used for both smart betting strategies.
  • On the other hand, a delay of 20 minutes is forcing you to pay for the premium version.

The most possible way of catching an arbitrage betting opportunity with this delay is by searching only for ones with a profit margin close to 0%.

5 best betting software

The premium subscription of every sure bet scanning service will offer you arbitrage possibilities displayed instantly.

The goal of these websites is to offer arbs fast and correctly. So, if you are paying for the service, you won’t experience any delay.

3. The number of bookmakers scanned

Most of the free versions of these scanner services are offering to show the arbs with the same bookmakers as in the paying version.

Their goal is to show you that they are capable of scanning those bookies.

An exception under this is BetOnValue, which made available only 23 bookmakers in the free version of their sports betting algorithms software.

4. Markets and sports scanned

The arbitrage scanners that I will analyze don’t make a difference between the free and paid version in showing markets or sport types.

On the other hand, not all of them are scanning the same number of sports or markets.

Free arbitrage betting softwares: My short betting story

Kindly notice that for better sure bets with higher returns and several times more profits, opting in for a premium subscription plan is recommended and almost inevitable.

Back in 2013 when I started learning about smart betting strategies the first two techniques to make guaranteed money from betting were arbitrage betting and matched betting.

If you are in the same situation where I was back then, you probably are thinking about the high prices of the sure bet scanning services.

Back then I tried to find arbitrage bets manually, and I was lucky enough because in 2013 you still had good chances for that.

However, after 1 or 2 weeks of struggling, I realized that the money I can make this way is not worth that much time staying in front of the computer.

I already heard about sure bet scanning services, but in the beginning, I wanted to do it by myself.

To be honest I didn’t have the money to pay for good service but I wanted to make the process faster and more profitable.

My best hope was in free arbitrage betting sites and in the end they were the key to my success in smart betting.

Conclusion: Best arbitrage betting software

No matter if you are looking for a free arbitrage betting software or you are willing to pay for their premium version, you will have to choose between the same arbitrage softwares.

5 best betting software


What are these arbitrage bet finders or software?

These sites are offering services to scan a lot of bookmakers. They also scan almost every sport and a lot of markets.

Differences between free arbitrage software and a paid subscription?

The scanning speed, the number of bookmakers scanned and the markets are the main difference between them.

List of best free arbitrage betting scanning software


Author: Aubrey Moore