Top 9 Asian Handicap Betting Sites 2022

1xbet asian handicap betting site

Are you in a hurry? My top Recommendations for Asian handicap betting are:

  1. 1xBet for the highest odds and the most betting markets + great bonus offer
  2. 888Sports for the great interface, high odds, and many bonus offers even after playing a lot

Best Bookmakers for Asian Handicap betting

1. 1xBet for Asian and European handicap betting

The biggest advantage of 1xBet compared to other bookmakers is that they are available worldwide. Many big betting sites like Bet365 are offering great Asian handicap coverage even for smaller leagues and tournaments. 

But 1xBet is different in one thing. They are offering the same sports event coverage with Asian and European handicap markets but in more countries with the possibility of crypto as a payment method.

1xbet asian handicap betting site
  • 1xbet is offering betting services for bettors from all around the world, even from smaller countries.
  • They are offering a large variety of Asian and European handicap markets
  • The Asian handicap and European handicap odds offered by 1xbet tend to be the highest on the market in many cases
  • Welcome bonus: 100% up to 100€
  • You can take advantage of their Asian handicap markets without unwanted attention by using crypto payments

Use the following promo code and you receive a higher bonus: 1x_513614

2. 888Sports: prince of Asian handicap betting bookmakers

I have used them for many years. Even though I almost abused their great betting lines on handicaps, over/under, and various tennis markets, I still have an active account at 888Sports.

Their In-play offer is what makes them outstanding if you are looking for a bookmaker with many betting opportunities.

888Sport asian handicap betting site

Using 888Sports as the main betting site for handicap betting will guarantee you high odds, many betting markets, countless bonus offers, price boosts.


  • Covering even small leagues
  • Great handicap offers even on smaller markets
  • Available almost worldwide
  • Great welcome bonuses

3. 1xBit – best crypto Asian handicap betting site

It’s a clone bookmaker of 1xbet with a slight odds difference. On most markets, they are offering the same or very similar odds to 1xbet. 

1xbit asian handicap betting site handicap bookmaker
  • At this bookmaker, you can place Asian handicap bets with 100% anonymity.  
  • Every time you place a bet, you are earning a small amount of bonus in crypto (up to 7 BTC)
  • Their withdrawal process is almost instant
  • You can find different kinds of Asian handicap markets on each sport with insanely high odds

4. Parimatch

Unfortunately, Parimatch is not offering great welcome bonuses. But their biggest advantages are the high odds, wide variety of betting markets, and leagues covered.

parimatch asian handicap betting site handicap bookmaker

I often found out that Parimatch is offering the highest odds on many markets.

They are not accepting bettors from too many countries. But besides the big bookmakers, they are offering excellent Asian handicap lines.

5. is appearing on my list not because of their fairly acceptable odds and betting lines for handicap. But their user interface always brought me back to their site. asian handicap betting site


  • They are also offering the opportunity of depositing with crypto
  • You can see the bets of some other bettors
  • The live chat on Stake is allowing you to be a part of a betting community

6. BetOnline Asian handicap betting in the US

I think BetOnline is one of the greatest betting sites for US bettors if you want to avoid unwanted attention. This betting site offers great Asian handicap lines and odds with the opportunity of using cryptocurrencies as payment methods.

betonline asian handicap betting site

Countries accepted: US, CA, GR, NL, IN, ES, DE, BR

Bonus offer: 50% up to $1000

Besides this, if you like Asian handicap betting at this bookie and choose to deposit with BTC you will get an additional 10% bonus BTC.

They are offering high odds on each of their markets. Many times they have higher odds even than the biggest operators in the industry.

Downsides: focusing more on Moneyline markets, less on handicaps.

7. Pinnacle Asian handicap markets

Pinnacle is my favorite one for Asian handicap betting. Unfortunately, they are not offering any kinds of bonus offers. This bookmaker is offering the sharpest and highest odds on handicap markets. On handicap betting, they have the lowest profit margin (juice) in the betting industry. 

This is allowing them to have the highest possible odds on Asian handicap markets. Often they are offering profit margins even under 2%.

Compared to other bookies, who are offering even Asian & European handicap markets with a 6-8% profit margin, Pinnacle is outstanding. I think Pinnacle might one of the top choices for many of us. 

The only thing I don’t like about them is not having any bonus offers and not covering smaller leagues.

8. SportsBetting

SportsBetting is also welcoming US bettors looking for a great betting bonus plus high odds for handicap betting. asian handicap betting site handicap bookmaker

Top reasons SportsBetting is a great bookmaker for Asian handicap betting:

  • Excellent in-play odds, many times beating bigger bookies
  • Welcome bonus: 50% up to $1000
  • Countries available: US, CA, IN, NL, GR, ES, DE, BR
  • Fast withdrawal: your withdrawal request is processed in less than 6 hours
  • Accepting Bitcoin as payment
  • Many bonus offers and rewards

The following countries are restricted: Australia, Iran, Iraq, Liberia, Malta, North Korea, Slovenia, Somalia, Sudan, Yemen, Zimbabwe

Downsides: focusing more on Moneyline markets, less on handicaps.

9. TigerGaming – Asian handicap betting site for the UK

They are similar to SportsBetting, with similar odds and the great welcome bonus of 50% up to $1000.

The advantage of this bookmaker besides offering high Asian handicap odds is that they are welcoming UK bettors too.

tigergaming asian handicap betting site


  • Crypto Bonus offer up to $1,000
  • UK Players Accepted
  • Payment method: Cryptocurrencies Accepted
  • Great for Poker
  • No Verification bookmaker
  • Fast Withdrawals
  • Many great bonuses and offers
  • Many times better odds than Bet365

Target countries: GB, CA, IN, ES, DE, GR, BR

Downsides: focusing more on Moneyline markets, less on handicaps.

Is Asian handicap betting good at every betting site?

I’ve been betting on many sports in the last 9 years. During these years one of the most important things I noticed, is the number of betting opportunities Asian handicap markets are offering.

Football might be the most followed sport, but tennis and basketball are offering excellent opportunities for Asian handicap lovers. Most bookmakers are offering a large variety of betting opportunities on these markets. 

Asian handicap on goals, total points, and even corners betting at these sites was my top profit-generating market. I’m practicing betting strategies that require a fair number of matches, fast-moving odds, and many bookmakers that offer different types of markets.

The Asian handicap markets, in general, are in the top favorites and most covered besides h2h, over/under, and BTTS markets.

While Asian handicap betting at the best bookmakers, you will notice fairly big odds differences even between the top ones.

I prefer in-play betting on these handicap markets and I noticed that bookmakers on handicap markets are offering overpriced outcomes and wrong betting lines.

One of the most important things in Asian handicap betting is following a good staking strategy.

In 99% of cases picking the best bookmakers for Asian handicap betting with the highest odds possible will drastically increase your long-term winnings.

But also using at least a simple staking strategy is essential.

Will the best bookmakers for Asian handicap betting increase the money you make?

Always using the best betting sites for Asian handicap betting will highly increase your long-term success for sure. 

Even the most simple betting strategy like following statistics, or tipsters can be more successful if you are placing your handicap bets at the best bookmakers with the highest odds.

You can prove this with a simple mathematical calculation.

Placing 1000 bets with flat stakes on average odds of 1.83 instead of using the best betting sites for handicap and on average odds of 1.88 can mean a difference of $600.

Every outcome on every sports event, and Asian handicap markets too, has a true probability of the outcome. The bookies are trying to figure out these true odds with the help of historical data about teams, players, and sports events.

Getting more clients and active bettors is what motivates bookmakers as companies. This competition between them is forcing bookmakers to offer the best odds, best interface, and a big number of markets.

Which betting site for Asian handicap betting should I choose?

Based on my experience if you are looking for the best bookmakers for Asian or European handicap betting, you have two main possibilities. 

  1. Find a bookie that is offering a large variety of betting opportunities on Asian handicap

Simple full-time total Asian handicap markets are the most common at betting sites.

Other possibilities like corner Asian handicap, over/under handicap, set handicap on tennis, etc. are not available at every bookie.

You should always use bookmakers with many handicap markets. The more handicap markets on half-time, set, quarter a bookie has, the more great and high odds you can find.

2. Use sharp bookmakers for handicap betting

These bookies are offering fewer handicap markets. Most of the time their pre-match Asian handicap market will include only 3-4 lines but right before the match, these are the closest to the real probability of winning.

The corner Asian handicap market is also fairly common at the majority of main football league matches. But these are available only with a few betting lines.

So, the biggest question: is it worth using a sharp bookie for Asian handicap betting?

These bookies are not offering welcome bonuses or free bets. Their strength stands in offering a very low profit margin. This is allowing them to offer even higher odds on Asian handicap markets.

It’s not uncommon that Pinnacle is offering odds with only a 2% profit margin. You will notice that they will offer the best Asian handicap odds and lines by far, compared to other bookies.


Best Asian Handicap betting sites? bookmakers for Handicap betting

1. BetOnline: great offers, high odds, and available for US bettors 
2. Pinnacle: high Asian handicap odds and great betting lines
3. SportsBetting: great bonus offers for handicap betting fans
4. TigerGaming: high odds, great opportunity for UK bettors
5. 888Sports: high odds, many handicap markets, even corner handicaps
6. 1xBet: high odds, a large variety of handicap markets
7. 1xBit: similar odds and betting lines to 1xBet
8. Parimatch: many handicap markets and great odds
9. high odds, excellent user interface, crypto-friendly

Author: Aubrey Moore